Printing area
The printing area corresponds to a square in which the area is equal to one third of the balloon diameter. For example for the most requested model, which is the B095 with a diameter of about 33 cm the printing area is 20X22 cm. The images are automatically adapted by us to the correct format for printing. In choosing the product you can then choose the background color of the balloon and you can choose the preferred print color.

File format to upload
The graphic file can be of any format, although we recommend sending files in PDF format as it has higher quality standards, thus ensuring an excellent result. Files like Jpg, Gif or other are also good if they have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Choice of balloon color:
The price does not change as the colors of the balloons change, you can choose a single color or assorted colors.
Prints of different colors but with the same subject
It is possible to print the same logo in different colors without adding printing plant costs. For example, if you need to print 500 white balloons with the red print and 500 red balloons with the blue print, simply send the logo and the order and indicate in the notes the color change for printing.

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